Forex Signals – The most profitable signals – A Must Have for any Forex-Trader


This is the absolute ultimate indicator for any forex-trader to have. You will make your money back on your first trade if you follow these signals and we all use them actively here on

The Forex Signal script has proven itself over and over again to be extremely successful on higher and very profitable time-frames. Never lose on a trade again.

Product Description

If you are a Forex Trader, this is the ultimate script to add to your Tradingview Indicator. This script is perfected to give you solid buy, hold and sell-signals live.

Never get your orders timed wrong again, the Forex Signals works, and we all use it here on Stakepool as part of our trading-tools.

Instant Download

How it looks like

The Red and Green Circles in the bottom part shows you when to sell and when to buy. The Yellow Crosses and the Red crosses tells you to hold.

Proof of Success

It works on every single Forex-Chart and on all timeframes. There is more money to be made on higher timeframes then on smaller timeframes. How it works


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