Join us on Discord – Click Here!

Join us on Discord – Click Here!

Dear reader - Become an active user on our Teamspeak where we monitor the markets, rumors and news 24/7 all year.

Established in 2014, Stakepool Teamspeak is a logical community of Bitcoin (very) early adaptors who monitor charts and communities in all branches of Bitcoin, Altcoins, Fintech & even Legacy-markets like the large indexes, forex, commodities and IPO/ICOs. We pride ourself by being the no-bullshit trading community and our users span from all parts of finance & technocracy. For connection instructions to our teamspeak, click the connect-tab in the menu.

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If you are a trader, the easiest way is to trade on and using Stakepools affiliate-links. It does not cost you anything, and every satoshi we get is put to good use.

Coin Donations:

Send Bitcoin to: 156NbZWY5dev2vEpAYdmSZ3P6qUWQ1noDq
Send Ethereum to: 0x722ac749d5552210ed8fd385bf289c81f648d8ed
Send Lisk to: 10863047667675115496L
Send Waves to: 1W3PBqAXAJj7r7aih4j7FgaXzMHVEMhvwgr9z

all deposits received are used to cover the server-costs and improve/upgrade, stakepool teamspeak & stakepool radio.
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